Designed for complete protection
Effectively kills 99.99%
Bacteria, Mycobacteria, Spores,
Virus, Fungus, Yeast etc;

An Essential Kit to Kill Coronavirus

Designed for complete protection of your office, home, restaurant, hotel etc;

Disinfection Solutions approved by Renowned Organizations

Our exclusive range of disinfection solutions & covid buster products are approved and certified by renowned labs.


Designed as per the customer requirement with nature friendly material & customized designs. We believe that branded paper bags can create a lasting impression & create a brand identity.

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Certifications & Accrediations

Salient Features of Shieldme Products


HOCL based disinfectants

100% Certified Organic

Extracted from Natural resources & no chemical addition other than the natural mineral

pH of approx 7

As good as water so, no harm to human or material

Disinfecting capacity upto 200 ppm

Against a standard capacity of 40 ppm making it effective up to 99.99%

High flash point

Hence non inflammable products

FDA Approved

The Only FDA Approved disinfectant

Tested by Renowned Labs

Tested for disinfecting effectiveness by renown Laboratories

No after cleaning required

As the disinfectant is natural and cause no hazards

Tests & Certificates

Covid-19 Buster Products Series

Application Areas


From pharmacies and clinics to large hospitals and research labs, disinfection is essential for keeping staff and patients healthy & safe.

Household & Offices

If you’re looking for an effective disinfection solution for household or office, then Amor will be your best choice especially if you have children or pets.


Hotels see a high footfall of guests coming from farthest locations (might be from the corona containment zone). Therefore, preventing the spread of disease-causing micro-organisms, you need an effective human-friendly disinfection solution.


Every industry must have an effective cleaning policy to protect the workers and staff from harmful germs. It is necessary to disinfect each and every corner of an industry with powerful disinfectants killing almost 100% germs.


Consider the traffic that goes in and out of malls daily, and you don’t need to be a scientist or doctor to understand the extent of the germs arriving due to this. Fortunately, our disinfectants help mitigate the danger thanks to its highly effective formula.


When it comes to places where food is prepared, it can be difficult finding a cleaner that’s effective while being non-toxic. With our human-friendly disinfectants, such issues won’t be a factor as it is completely safe whilst eradicating 99.999% of pathogens.

Public Transport

Public transport is the most common mode for travelling in India. Cabs, Buses, Trains and Metros, each of them is a carrier of thousands of people, some of whom might be infected with the deadly virus. Using ShieldMe, properly cleaned public transport can reduce the risk of virus transmission.


Schools/colleges can be a paradise for germs & bacteria unless cleaned properly using a certified disinfectant solution. Sanitizing the whole campus at regular intervals is a must.

Worship Areas

In places of worship, it’s common to find flocks of people. Such gatherings can result in the transfer of pathogens. There is a need for a perfect disinfection solution which can check the spread of viruses.

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Customers Reviews

Amor is the best disinfection service provider in Goa. I am having a boutique in North Goa & I was worried regarding the sanitization service providers as my inventories are very sensible and harmful chemicals are there in almost all disinfectants. But through Amor, I need not worry about harmful chemicals because they use 100% natural & human-friendly disinfectants.
Ms. Malini

Anti-Covid Disinfection & Sanitization Starting @Rs.0.9*/sq.ft

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As a Hotel Owner, My hotel business was very much suffered due to covid outbreak. Along with this, I was worried about how to sanitize the complete hotel without having harmful chemicals as my guest will not stay in a hotel having smell of chemicals. Then, One of my friend has given me the contact of Amor, their technical team was very efficient and professional. They had solved my problem and disinfected my hotel with their natural disinfectants.
Mr. Pankaj